2014 U10 Tournament Bracket / Rules / Results
February 8th 2014 Canal Park


Game Time Home Score  Away Score Location
9:00AM 101(Hahn)   104(Livingstone)   Field 1A
9:00AM 102(Hart)   103(Hernandez)   Field 1B
10:00AM 103(Hernandez)   101(Hahn)   Field 1A
10:00AM 104(Livingstone)   102(Hart)   Field 1B
11:00AM 101(Hahn)   102(Hart)   Field 1A
11:00AM 103(Hernandez)   104(Livingstone)   Field 1B


  • Each game will be 30 Minutes (2-15 Minute halves)
  • Halftimes will be 5 Minutes
  • All standard FIFA rules / Laws of the Game apply except where noted
  • Unlimited substitutions. Standard rules apply.
  • Away teams get to choose goal to defend in first half.  Home team gets Ball.  Away team gets ball to start second half.  Teams will switch goals as normal. No coin toss.
  • Medals for 1st and 2nd place finishers. Trophy (The Cup) for the winning coach.

Point System - 5 Points for each Win / 2 Point for each Draw / 1 Bonus Point for Shutout (excluding 0-0 Draws)

Tie Breaker System - 

#1 - Head to Head
#2 - Adjusted Goal Differential (AGD) MAX. 3 goals per game (*Explained below)
#3 - Goals For (GF) Higher number advances
#4 - Goals Against (GA) Lower number advances

#5 - Tied teams will take PK’s


Team W D L GF GA AGD Points

Adjusted Goal Differential Examples:

Team "A" beats Team "B" 3-1.  AGD Points would be 2 for Team "A" (3 minus 1 equals 2).  There is a maximum of 3 AGD Points allowed per game.  Therefore, if the score ended up being 8-1, Team "A" would get the maximum number of 3 AGD points.

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